Our Story

More than 25 years ago, the dream of what would turn out to be our true passion and vocation began. It all started with Susanne Mikkelsen who had just given birth to her first girl Victoria Vanilla. After having settled with the small selection of colors and quality with her first three children. She decided that she wanted a more colorful and child centered selection for her last child. So, Susanne started sewing children textile products with her friend Susanne Rasmussen. This was the starting point of the adventure. They sewed duvet covers, pillow covers, bedspreads and much more. The kids loved it and their friends too. So, they sewed even more – They sewed day and night and before long they had to expand. Ever since the start Vanilla Copenhagen has been a part of the Mikkelsen family and about 22 years later one generation became two in the company. Mark Mikkelsen, Susanne’s second child, started working for the company and today they work side by side to run the family company.  

Our Values

Our products are always focused on and designed for children. Therefore we have 4 focus points which all go back to what a child needs – Safety, Design, Quality and Sustainability.

We have been making products for children for more than 25 years. During these years we have built an understanding and expertise for children’s products. We test all of our products, therefore you can always be sure that our products are safe for your child. We use the CE-marking (meeting the EUs standards for safety, health and environmental protection) on our products to insure you that you don’t need to worry.

We design fun and colorful products which engage your child. Using icons of animals on our products to activate your child’s sight and engage them to say the name or sound of the animal. Or music from a playing teddy bear to occupy your child while you are changing their diaper.

We fabricate our products of the highest quality therefore you can be sure that they last. You can wash our products again and again and they will still keep their softness and color. We know children can be messy – most of our products can be boil washed, and even our music mobile can be washed in a washing machine.

We produce products of organic cotton, with the health and environmental standards of OEKO-TEX and GOTS-certification and our packaging is made with FSC-certified paper – all to ensure that our products harm the environment as little as possible. We strive to produce without waste and with great respect for the resources of our nature. Also, we aim for proper working conditions for our producers which is ensured by many years of great relationships with our suppliers. Vanilla Copenhagen is today a trademark that retailers and consumers trust. This is because we have never compromised on the quality of cotton, our weaving, dyeing, sewing, our design or safety of our products. We strive to give our consumers the best possible experience, which is why every detail is important.



We believe in helping people in need and therefore we are proud to be able to say that we have donated products to Mødrehjælpen so that they can help vulnerable families and children in Denmark.

Mødrehjælpen is a social humanitarian organization that advises and supports pregnant women and families with children. They work to provide social, health, financial and educational support to pregnant women and families with children, which can thereby ensure their children better upbringing and living conditions.

We know that for many the holidays are especially hard and therefor we donated money to Røde Kors Christmas Help – to give a merry Christmas to all kids.